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Thank you for taking the time to learn more about International Montessori Academy. We're so happy you're here!

From my first visit, I recognized that IMA was a very special school community. I knew instantly that I wanted to become part of this warm and innovative community. As an educator and parent, I know there is nothing quite like the transformation that takes place when a child is challenged and succeeds.

At IMA, we create adaptable, engaged, confident learners ready to succeed in a global world. By seeking out the best methodologies in education and combining them with a proven approach to successful early language acquisition, IMA teaches students not only how to stretch, but how to keep reaching.

Please make plans to visit us in person and see everything I did when I first entered these doors - the support of a small community and a world of possibilities.

Brittney Gerry, Head of School

Support For Teachers = Support for Learning

A high-quality education begins with dedicated faculty members who have the tools they need to succeed

IMA's talented teachers are subject matter experts. Even in the midst of a nationwide teacher shortage, we maintain an uncompromising set of standards and look for individuals who personify the qualities we nuture in our students - care and integrity, creativity and resilience - and most of all, a neverending sense of curiosity.

IMA supports its teachers by:

  • Offering generous weekly planning time to respond to students' unique learning needs
  • Providing easy-to-use technology solutions to bridge the gap between home and school and strengthen the parent-teacher partnership.
  • Engaging in responsive teacher retention efforts; sponsoring visas of those born outside of the United States

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