About IMA

With the launch of IMA’s very first campus, it has been our mission to prepare students for future successes by providing intentional and well-rounded bilingual education, in a safe and welcoming learning environment. Through continued enhancements, IMA has consistency made programming adjustments to meet evolving learning targets in an effective manner. IMA’s DNA has the imprint of strategic planning and problem solving as changes have been implemented for the betterment of our school. These processes have included the voice of our talented teaching staff, team of administrators, school advisors, and community input from our families. 

The children in our care are growing up in a world that is rapidly becoming more and more global. We believe learning to read, write and speak a world language during the early years will help prepare students for future successes. Our programs aim to foster an independent, creative and innovative spirit. Children establish skills related to core academic competencies in addition to social and emotional milestones.

We invite you to be thorough in your school search. Come tour IMA. Ask questions. Spend time observing classrooms. You’ll not only hear students and teachers conversing in multiple languages, you’ll also feel the warmth that exists in our classrooms. This process will help you determine if IMA is a good choice for your child and your family.