Early Preschool (2 - 2.5 years)

Drawing off of a Montessori inspired model, children engage in lessons and activities that promote physical and emotional independence. A calm and peaceful environment allows children to explore concepts related to practical life and self-care, sensorial and pre-math, pre-language, and monthly project-based themed units.  Lessons are sequenced to meet both age appropriate and individual needs in addition to developmental milestones.

IMA’s Early Preschool classrooms are a stepping stone for language immersion. Children first become comfortable within a multilingual classroom environment. As their verbal language skills develop, children are encouraged to first, follow directions and then, engage in age-appropriate lessons in both English and the secondary language(s) of the classroom. With growth and development, IMA Early Preschool children begin to confidently engage as their vocabulary expands.

Children in the Early Preschool programs begin the toilet learning transition upon demonstration of readiness. Children move from diapers to underpants as they master potty-training. Teachers will guide and support this process while working with parents to establish a strong school to home partnership.

Across IMA’s three schools, various language models are offered. Language models are specific to the individual campus language progression. Children who leave the Early Preschool classroom will transition into IMA’s preschool programming where parents will select a targeted language model of choice to further the development of a world language.

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A toddler learning continents in a private preschool clasrroom
Early preschool student learning numbers