Elementary (K-5)

IMA offers a Lower Elementary and Upper Elementary classroom. These classrooms are multi-grade classrooms that blend grades K-2 and 3-5. Each grade level has a yearly curriculum map established to hit academic benchmarks that are aligned with both state and global learning standards.

Elementary students are invited to be active participants in their educational journey. Although the curriculum design and academic standards are set by the school, individualized student plans are tailored according to each child’s area of passion, strength and areas of growth.

Here at IMA, we believe that in order to learn a second or third language student must use it in a meaningful, natural environment. Balancing passion with purposeful engagements, learning takes place in both English and Mandarin. Core subject instruction takes place in English. Students then attend a 90-minute block of Chinese Language Arts instruction each day. Cultivating bilingualism, students are immersed in a dual-language environment where they receive instruction in small group and individual settings. Individual learning plans are established to meet the differentiated needs of native and non-native speakers.

Lower elementary school students playing on the playground

Elementary Tuition (Kindergarten - Fifth Grade) 8:15 AM -3:15 PM 

5-Day Program Annual $21,00

5-Day 10-Payment Plan $2,290


Children build upon basic skills through sequential lessons across mathematics, reading, writing and language concepts. Students not only present deliverables aligned with academic milestones, but further focus on the thought process and how to think like confident readers, writers and mathematicians. This serves as the foundation for inquiry and project-based learning. Blending social studies, science and cultural studies, units are designed to be multi-disciplinary. Both a growth mindset and a global mindset layer upon one another with the promotion of an entrepreneurial mind and spirit.

Elementary Chinese Student and Workbook
Upper Elementary West Bellevue Classroom

Elementary students at IMA are encouraged to take ownership as they embrace ongoing reflection while applying tools and strategies throughout the goal setting process. Action is paired with communication as confident learners emerge. 

IMA provides a framework for children to depend on their ability to think, learn and act in an innovative way in the face of a challenge or task. Relying on a core set of adaptable skills verses a treasury of memorized facts, our students continue to ask questions and ponder solutions.

In addition to core subject and Chinese language instruction, the children engage in the following specialist courses each week: Physical Education, Art and Music.