Preschool (age 3)

Welcome to International Montessori Academy’s Preschool Program. We strive to inspire our students to be creative and flexible in achieving their goals- and to be globally minded. IMA balances world language acquisition, an exceptional academic foundation, and innovation.

Children who are 3 by September 1 enroll into one of IMA’s preschool or “Primary” classrooms. These classrooms are multi-age classrooms that foster the development of a world language while working towards age appropriate social, emotional and academic milestones.

Children engage in individual and group lessons and activities that promote physical and emotional independence. A calm and peaceful environment allows children to explore concepts related to practical life and self-care, sensorial and pre-math, pre-language, and monthly project-based themed units.  Specialist opportunities relating to physical education, music and movement and art are also integrated into the weekly schedule. Lessons are sequenced to meet both age appropriate and individual needs. Children work toward foundational academic skills in preparation for Pre-Kindergarten.

Here at IMA, we believe that in order to learn a language student must use it in a meaningful, natural environment. Depending upon the campus, IMA offers full immersion and bilingual programming. Full Immersion Model: In a Full Immersion classroom both teachers speak and engage in the target language of the classroom. For example, in a Full Chinese Immersion classroom, native speakers will instruct and engage solely in Mandarin.

Bilingual Model: In a Bilingual classroom one teacher instructs and engages with the children in English. The secondary teacher brings in the target language of immersion as a native speaker of either Chinese or Spanish.

Children who are 3 begin their day in a multi-age classroom where they enjoy circle time in the target languages, individual and group lessons, snack, specialist engagements, recess and lunch. After lunch, children transition into their afternoon classroom based upon age. Children who are three and are still napping transition to IMA’s nap room. Children who have dropped their nap transition into an afternoon classroom where they continue to have work time and receive lessons.

Preschooler learning how to write letters

Chinese immersion classroom art projects
Preschool student painting in a Chinese immersion program