Primary Program

Ages 3 - 6 Years

Montessori Primary Program

IMA’s innovative multi-lingual primary program is currently offered in four languages: Chinese, English, and Spanish. Our primary program is for kindergarten-aged kids.

The primary program draws on Montessori classroom models to facilitate growth in a natural learning environment.

Kindergarten Students Playing

Each kindergarten classroom is led by a native speaking (English) Montessori-trained teacher, as well as an assistant who speaks a separate language. This creates an immersive language and cultural environment. The teachers not only utilize the full set of traditional Montessori materials, but add culturally rich supplemental materials to the classroom.

In addition to the authentic Montessori academic sequence, inquiry-based STEM projects teach our young learner the basics scientific method: observation, question, prediction and analysis skills promoting critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Student doing a Montessori Sensory Activity