Lunch & Snack

International Preschool Students Eating

Sample Snack Menu

Morning Snack options: Club crackers & Apple Slices, Pancake & Honeydew, Mini Bagels & Apple Slices

Afternoon Snack: Graham crackers & String cheese, Tortilla & Dried Cranberries, Saltine Crackers & Apple Sauce

Green Sprouts Sample Menu

IMA provides regular and vegetarian lunch for all students each day. In addition, IMA also provides milk for all students during lunch.

Green Sprouts Food operates out of the Capitol Hill campus from IMA’s newly renovated kitchen. Green Sprouts Food delivers fresh, homemade lunches to each classroom on a daily basis. 

Green Sprouts specializes in meals for preschoolers and elementary students. Green Sprouts understand the ideology and intent behind early child education methodologies and that understanding helps our meals become a part of the learning experience. 

*Only children with allergies are allowed to provide a snack or meal substitution. If your child does not have any allergies we ask that additional food and snacks are not brought to school each day.

Gluten Free

Soy Free