Summer Program

Olympics Event Student Winner

June 25- August 24

 IMA offers a variety of programs that foster an entrepreneurial mind and spirit throughout the summer. Join us for a week, or for the entire summer! Students will build lasting relationships with peers in multi-age classrooms. IMA summer programming is taught by IMA's talented teaching staff.

IMA teachers sign up based on their summer availability and may or may not be present every week of the summer. In addition, IMA classrooms will continue to promote a language immersion environment; however, this is flexible during the summer months and not all languages can be guaranteed each week. IMA does not offer our full immersion model over the summer.

Lunch & Snacks

Snack & Lunch: Daily, students will be served morning and afternoon snack in addition to lunch. The lunch menu will be emailed monthly.

Extended Care

AM & PM Extended Care: IMA’s AM Care is from 8:00 AM- 8:45 AM; PM Extended Care is from 3:00 PM – 6 PM. 

Days AM (8 AM - 9 AM) PM (3 PM to 6 PM)
3 days/week $80 per month $250 per month
4 days/ week $100 per month $290 per month
5 days/week $120 per month/ $30 per week $320 per month/  $80 per week


School Closures

*There will be no school on July 4th.

The school will be closed the last week of August 17th - September 3rd. 

School starts on Tuesday, September 4, 2018. 


Summer Fees

Summer Fees:

  Toddler Primary Elementary
Weekly Cost $440 $400 $400

Students who enroll for the entire summer will be billed at the 2017-2018 monthly rate for July & August and last week of June free of charge. 

2017-2018 Fee Schedule


Monthly (Toddler 15 mo- 2.5 yrs old) Monthly (Primary 2.5 yrs - 6 yrs old)
Option 1: 5 Half Day (9:00 AM - 3:00 PM) Not Available $1,325
Option 2: 3 Days/week (9:00 AM - 3:00 PM) $1,450 $1,325
Option 3: 4 Days/week (9:00 AM - 3:00 PM) $1,550 $1,425
Option 4: 5 Days/week (9:00 AM - 3:00 PM) $1,650 $1,525

Week 1 Theme: IMA Entrepreneurs are Creative ( June 25 - June 29)

IMA Entrepreneurs are creative! Students will embrace their creativity as they discover new ways to express their feelings and sharpen both fine and gross motor skills using various art techniques and mediums, music and dance.

Week 2 Theme: IMA Entrepreneurs Dig Deep into History (July 2 – July 6)

IMA Entrepreneurs dig deep into history! Step back in time to the prehistoric age when dinosaurs roamed the earth to uncover some amazing facts about dinosaurs. We will become paleontologists as we dig into the mysterious land to find dinosaur bones and fossils and learn about these creatures of the past.



Week 3 Theme: IMA Entrepreneurs Study how the World Works (July 9 – July 13)

IMA Entrepreneurs study how the world works! If it flies, crawls, or walks on Earth, we will most likely discuss it during this animal-filled week. Each day we will discover an amazing animal from a different part of the world: the Amazon rainforest, the Arctic Tundra, the African Savanna, and the American Plains.

Week 4 Theme: IMA Entrepreneurs Experiment & Create (July 16 – July 20)

IMA Entrepreneurs experiment and create! Turn your inner chef into a kitchen chemist! In this chemistry adventure, we will explore the science of cooking and “munch, munch” more. We’ll investigate physical and chemical reactions and states of matter as well learn the difference between a tablespoon, a teaspoon and other key kitchen measurements.

Week 5 Theme: IMA Entrepreneurs are Nature Detectives (July 23 – July 27)

IMA Entrepreneurs are nature detectives! Become an entomologist! Join us as we investigate the wonderful world of insects. We will learn about the life cycle and habitats of many insects including butterflies, bees, fireflies and more.

Week 6 Theme: IMA Entrepreneurs are Innovative (July 30 – August 3)

IMA Entrepreneurs are innovative! Students will dive into project-based activities that explore scientific principles. Using simple machines as a platform, children will learn to identify simple machines and how they help to make work easier. As entrepreneurs, students will study and build models over the course of the week.


Week 7 Theme: IMA Entrepreneurs Dive Deep (August 6 – August 10)

IMA Entrepreneurs dive deep! Ever thought of what it would be like to live under the sea? Come with us as we dive under to learn about the colorful and complex world that sea creatures live in. We’ll explore many sea animals from dolphins to starfish and their underwater world.


Week 8 Theme: IMA Entrepreneurs Explore (August 13 – August 17)

IMA Entrepreneurs explore! Calling all astronauts! This camp will have us blasting off into outer space as we spend the week learning about everything from our own solar system to far away galaxies. We’ll take a trip to the moon, build and launch rocket ships. Join us for this out-of-this world camp.


Week 9 Theme: IMA Entrepreneurs Observe & Predict (August 20– August 24)

IMA Entrepreneurs observe and predict! Grab an umbrella and step into the wild world of weather. Learn about clouds, rain, wind, snow and all kinds of interesting weather topics. In this camp we will enjoy some weather related experiments such as making snowflakes, rainbows and clouds in a jar.