Entrepreneurial Mind & Spirit

The profile of an entrepreneur is someone who starts something from scratch and builds something new. At IMA, we believe that beginning with the most basic of elements is the best place to start. IMA students think, learn and act as entrepreneurs.

Think. Learn. Act like an Entrepreneur!

In IMA classrooms a multitude of avenues lead to exploration, engagement and questioning. The world begins to make sense and students start to develop a connection with learning. Bringing ideas, opinions and a personal voice creates a sense of ownership for the child, all the while building confidence.

IMA provides a framework for children to depend on their ability to think, learn and act in an innovative way in the face of a challenge or task. Relying on a core set of adaptable skills verses a treasury of memorized facts, our students continue to ask questions and ponder solutions .

Teachers guide and facilitate dialogue and the process rather than immediately feeding answers and opinions. Children learn to persevere and feel the reward of making something out of nothing. Reflecting upon the process and outcome allows for new ideas to emerge and the learner becomes resilient. An entrepreneurial mind and spirit does not just happen overnight.

An entrepreneurial mind and spirit is the product of an IMA education and a deliverable parents can be confident in.