Language Classroom Models

Multilingual  • Bilingual • Full Immersion

Here at IMA, we believe that in order to learn a target language student must use it in a meaningful, natural environment. Depending upon the campus, IMA offers full immersion, bilingual and trilingual programming. 

Full Immersion Model: In a Full Immersion classroom both teachers speak and engage in the target language of the classroom. For example, in a Full Chinese Immersion classroom, native speakers will instruct and engage solely in Mandarin. 

Bilingual Model: In a Bilingual classroom one teacher instructs and engages with the children in English. The secondary teacher brings in the target language of immersion as a native speaker of either Chinese or Spanish. 

Depending upon the campus, the Toddler and Pre-Primary classrooms are either bilingual or trilingual. When leaving the Pre-Primary classrooms, parents will then select a target language of choice and follow a Chinese or Spanish language track. 

Student Writing in Chinese
Teacher in Elementary Chinese Immersion Classroom