The IMA Experience

Montessori Language School

Stop to ponder what the day entailed when you yourself attended school.While many ideals of the past are still an underlying value within today’s classrooms, there is a call to equip this next generation of learners for a future that is evolving and changing as we speak. This future is marked by high expectations, an overload of information within a fingertip’s reach, spanning across a globally-connected world.

IMA classrooms look beyond the pure regurgitation of facts and test scores while focusing on real-world opportunities for children to develop a set of transferable skills that are applicable both today and in the future. Promoting flexible thinking that spurs problem-solving, a confidence to collaborate, and a creativity that leads to pioneering ideas, IMA is dedication to fostering an entrepreneurial mind and spirit. Let us balances an exceptional academic foundation, world language and innovation.


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