Global Education

As parents, we often hear that the goal of education is to prepare children for an unknown future. While it may be true that the next generation will encounter countless advancements and pursue careers that are yet to be imagined, we also know there are a number of foundational principles important to achieving success.

We know it is important for our children to have skill sets that can lend themselves to any period of time and any opportunity. So what does this look like? It begins by instilling confidence, resilience, and a willingness to take risks. Children who demonstrate the courage and desire to try new things, whether they achieve the assumed result on the first or tenth try, have a natural grit that drives them toward discovery. Understanding processes and how to design, reflect and adapt allows students to approach situations where problem solving and critical thinking are required and naturally move toward solutions.

Building social and emotional resilience is important as students learn how and when to be a leader--and also learn to recognize when it is more beneficial to be a strong and contributing team member. The ability to collaborate with others, consider various perspectives, and engage in discussion and productive debate are lifelong skills that are already developing in the elementary years. By showing children how to find this balance, we help them become well-rounded, empathetic individuals who can apply their academic knowledge and life skills maturely and consistently.

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At IMA, we prepare students for more than success in secondary school and beyond. We teach them how to thrive in an inclusive world as good global citizens.

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