Toddler Program

Our Toddler and Early Preschool programs, beginning at 12 months old, are a stepping stone for language immersion. Primary engagement takes place in English, with Spanish and Mandarin exposure depending upon the campus model. As children become comfortable in a dual-language classroom and their comprehension and oral vocabulary expands, they begin to confidently engage in their non-primary language.

Toddler and Early Preschool Daily Schedule

9 AM TO 11:30 AM

Morning Greeting & Routine

Students greet their teacher, change into indoor shoes, wash hands and select an activity/work of choice. This practice helps students establish independence and routine and learn what to expect each morning at school.

Independent Work Time

Students engage in both self-selected and teacher-guided works that follow a sequence to promote age-appropriate developmental milestones. Teacher-guided lessons explore materials within the pre-language, self-care and practical life, sensorial (color, shape, texture, patterning etc) inquiry (science), art and themed projects.

Weekly Food Presentation Lessons

Children are introduced to various fruits and vegetables, promoting language and observation skills as well as sensory recognition.

Circle Time

Gathering together promotes positive social interaction. Circle time is presented in English and the classroom target language(s) (Mandarin or Spanish) and relates to monthly theme, featuring music and movement, pre-literacy, and an introduction to reading through the use of simple text storybooks.

12:30 PM

Lunch and Morning/Afternoon Snacks

All meals and snacks are served family-style. Teachers use the time to encourage food exploration and guide students in skills like using utensils and practicing table manners.

Targeted Language Immersion

Mealtime and classroom conversations in Mandarin or Spanish are introduced in a natural way, spoken by teachers throughout the day to promote daily routines, phrases and activities. Language is seamlessly integrated through stories, music, and movement.


IMA provides individual cots for children to rest on, and offers a convenient all-in-one pillow and sleeping sack for parent purchase. Children sleep according to their individual needs, usually 1.5-2 hours per day.

3:00 TO 5:30 PM

End of Day Circle & Dismissal

End-of-day routines provide children with even more opportunity to learn self direction through routine and connect with peers.

Extended Day Childcare

At IMA, the learning doesn't end with the school day! Our Extended Day program offers a continuation of language immersion practice in target languages, outdoor play time, guided circle and story time, free play, and music and movement engagements.

Outdoor Play

Our youngest students spend a minimum of 30 minutes outdoors each morning, with additional time outside in the afternoon.

Diapering and Toilet Learning Routines

Scheduled diapering and potty times throughout day help children develop independence as they transition from diapers and into the toilet learning phases. This transition is approached when the child shows readiness and awareness.

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