Dual Language Learning

The Benefits of Global Education

  • With early, adequate exposure, children have the capacity to acquire full competence in multiple languages. Bilingualism is also closely associated with improved academic outcomes and higher executive functioning. (1)
  • Children raised in a bilingual environment rely more heavily on social cues and observation. Bilingual learners as young as 3 demonstrate advanced social emotional skills that can lead to a more finely developed sense of empathy. (2)
  • Dual-language learning naturally enhances students' metalinguistic awareness and may improve reading scores. One four-year study found that some dual-language learners outperformed their peers by as much as one year. (3)
  • In a study conducted by the Center for Early Care and Education Research, dual-language learners demonstrated better focus and self-regulation, making them less likely to act out and better equipped to adjust to changes within their peer groups. Our students have the opportunity to benefit from Spanish Immersion and Mandarin Immersion.

(1) Promoting the Educational Success of Children and Youth Learning English: Promising Futures. published by the Nationd Academies of Sciences, Engineering. and Medicine
(2) The Effects of Bilingualism on Theory of Mind Development, published by Cambridge University Press
(3) The Effect of Dual-Language Immersion on Student Achievement in the Portland Public Schools, research funded by the Institute of Education Sciences

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